Recent work

This is a body of work i have been doing for my degree show, these pieces are prototypes for the final pieces. The design has been used in a variety of ways changing in scale and colour variations.

The two photos above show a combination of clear and dyed acrylic. This piece is hoping to develop into something that can be displayed on the wall.

This is a gradiating colour pallette i have created through the process of dying i really like how the change in colour flows through the piece.

Here i have just used clear acrylic, this was the original piece i made to create this form. I like the contrast of the clear against the the really vibirant colours. The form also creates a really interesting rflection.

The photo above shows a close detail of the acrylic. I like the finish of the acrylic making the work look like its made out of glass.

These last two photos show a larger scale piece ive been working on.They are designed as floor pieces. I hope to make two like this one that will be clear acrylic the other being coloured.


2 responses

3 09 2011
Alison Bowditch

hi there – be great to know if the floor pieces are finished and for sale and if so for how much



9 09 2011

Hi Alison

Thank you for your email, yes the floor pieces were finished and i had a really good response to my degree work. I actually sold the floor pieces but i am hoping to continue my practice very soon. I have been very busy after university and haven’t been able to produce any more work but i will update my blog very soon to keep you posted. I will also work on comission will get some recent photo’s of the finished degree show work posted. Thanks for your interest.


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